Arc Tracker For Maya

A tool that can track an artists time depending on what tools they are using within Maya.

Coming soon.

3ds Max Align Tool For Maya

Darren Rea

I also enjoy a bit of simple MEL scripting to speed up my workflow and, when needed, help out with studio pipelines and tools.

Below is a few examples of my scripting...

Animation Portfolio

Darren Rea © 2017

A tool that can track your arcs while animating. Particularly helpful for character animators.
Is very fast and interactive.
It creates a sphere which is parent constrained to an object of your choice. The sphere is ghosted and coloured. 

A Maya tool that can align 2 objects. Based on 3ds Max align tool. Just select the target object first, then the object you would like to align, set your preference in the tools window and press apply.

Time Tracker for Maya